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Chevy Volt 2015 gas consumption statistics - an Eastern Canada case study

Updated  2020-05-10.  I am a climate scientist, not a car specialist. In February 2015, after giving a scientific seminar on the physics of global warming, I asked myself what little step I could take to reduce my personal carbon footprint. This started a month-long process of diligently doing my homework by ... thinking about my needs with respect to the daily commute to work and occasional longer trips for family visits or vacation. taking into account the reduction in electric range due to the very cold winters of eastern Québec, Canada.  See my post on Canadian winter temperatures and EVs  ( written in French ). looking at all the battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids that were then available for sale in Québec and that I could afford. On March 27, 2015 , I ended up purchasing a Chevy Volt (first generation, model year 2015), with the following specifications: Battery: 17.1 kWh Electric range: 61 km Extended range (gasoline): 600 km Combined city/highway gas